Are you looking for a good ICT and Computer Training Institute in FCT-Abuja, Nigeria. Where you can acquire practical hands-on Computer skills? you are in the right place.

AComs Computer Training Center

Gives you practical computer training that prepares you for any task or job in future. Listen to what our clients have to say, you too can enjoy our practical hands-on and project based training, Weekend classes are now available at our ICT and computer training center in Gwagwalada, FCT-Abuja. Do you have a busy week days? Weekend classes are what you need to acquire that skill you need. There are so many worthless theoretical IT courses and ICT and Computer training centers in Nigerian, but we decided to take the route that will benefit our students the most.

Which Software are you Interested in?

No matter your level of education, if you are not computer literate, you will always have challenges in today’s work environment. We provide you tools that get you started with theoretical and practical real life training, ultimately equipping you with the ICT and computer skills you need to succeed in business and personal life. Whether you have used computer before and want to add to what you already know or you have no idea at all, fill free you are in the right place.

Which level would you like to start from?

Computer Appreciation Training--Basic to advanced Computer skills with Microsoft Packages. Join our desktop publishing training in Abuja today and learn all the ICT and Computer Skills you need in the Office Environment In this ICT and Computer training, you can decide to start from Certificate in computer, Diploma in computer or Desktop publishing training which goes deep into graphics design. If you are looking for a good computer training school in Gwagwalada, FCT-Abuja Nigeria that will teach you Computer and ICT skills from scratch to professional level even if you do not know anything about computer, then you are in the right place.

Advance Microsoft Office Training for Professionals

Our Advanced Microsoft Office Training At AComs Computer Training Center Gwagwalada, FCT-Abuja. Helps you to work faster and achieve more results... Computer Maintenance, Engineering and Computer Networking Training. Would you want a training that is focused on getting you ready and prepared for a future career? Then our career path training in Gwagwalada, Abuja may be just what you need. If you are looking for a skill acquisition program in Nigeria. AComs Computer Training Center in Abuja is the place to come. As an ICT and Computer Skill acquisition center in Gwagwalada, FTC-Abuja. We also encourage parents to give their youths real life ICT and Computer training which is Skill-Based Education whether they are planning to get into the university or not. Unfortunately, most Nigerian universities only provide knowledge-based education which does not really do much for our youths in this modern age. @ AComs Computer Training Center, we don’t just see you as a customer/student; YOU are our partner in progress, Our joy is dependent on your satisfaction from our work. Why do you need to learn an ICT and Computer Skill in Nigeria, hiring for virtually all jobs, not just technology-centered positions. All companies in Nigeria now demand that their staff should have one ICT and Computer skill or the other

Website Design Training from basic to advanced

Learn Web Design, using HTML, CSS, PHP and more! You’re here because you’re ready to start building professional, career-boosting data based websites.

Graphics Design Training

Learn from creative professionals who gladly share their tips, techniques and workflows in some of the most widely used graphic design programs including PhotoShop and CorelDraw

AComs Computer Training Center, located at Gwagwalada,
FCT-Abuja, Nigeria.

About Us

AComs Computer Training Center is a computer institute positioned to train Individuals, Company Employees, and Members of Organisations and Institutions. We strive to help our students have well-grounded knowledge of computer and software usage. The Company was Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with license number BN3049659. At AComs Computer Training Center, we teach all the software programs that are generally used in various establishments. Gone are the days when you can get a well-paying job without being computer literate. And it doesn't end with just being computer literate - you literally have to be able to use certain software programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, etc. These software applications help individuals, businesses and other organisations to save enormous time and increase productivity.

Now, do you still think you're well-equipped to work in a company that values technological advancement? Think again.

Well, you don't have to worry, even if you don't know how to use any of those software. That's where AComs Computer Training Center comes into play! We will train you until you have a perfect understanding of whatever you want to achieve. So, we prepare our students technologically-well to face the world. When you land a job, you'll be able to perfectly perform your duties with immaculate precision, to the delight of your superiors. This would help you to have an edge over over your peers and competitors. We offer both basic and advanced computer courses on a wide range of subjects. Our courses include, but not limited to, Diploma in ICT and Computer, Desktop Publishing, Data Processing, Basic Computer Operation, Advance Microsoft training, Graphics Design training, Website Designing, HTLM/CSS, PHP and MYSQL, Computer Engineering, Computer Networking, etc. If you are looking for a good computer training school in Gwagwalada, FCT-Abuja, Nigeria. that will not just put you in a class, but will train and teach you Computer and ICT skills from scratch to professional level. Even if you are a novice in computer, then you are in the right place.

AComs Computer Training Center Lesson Sessions

Our training days are Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays). Weekend classes on Saturdays are available on demand only. We do not open on Sundays, but one-on-one, home training and corporate training can be arranged on Sundays.


To help our students see the practical real life benefit of ICT and computer knowledge that can be applied easily to their chosen career path or businesses, helping them to see technology as an asset not a liability.


To Touch Lives and Nations, & to provide personalized, practical and quality ICT training and services at an affordable rate, and to make our students discover their talents and have a future in the ICT world. AComs Computer Training Center is an IT and Computer Training Institute located at Gwagwalada, FCT- Abuja. Nigeria.

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